Protect your car


Will a Carport protect my car?

Carports are extremely useful in the UK due to the varied weather we experience throughout the year. You need a structure that protects against all weather types and the ARK range does exactly that.


Snow Snow on car
It can be an inconvenience when you go to leave in the morning only to find you will be running late due to removing snow off your car.

It is a legal requirement to remove all snow from your car  including the headlights and even the roof . This may seem drastic however as you drive, the snow can fall off and cause a hazard to the drivers behind you. A carport will protect your car from the snow and avoid the inconvenience of removing it yourself.


Carports are very beneficial for a number of reasons when it rains. If you’ve just washed and polished your car, the last thing you want is to find the rain has created water marks and ruined your hard work! A carport is also great for letting your car air dry after being out in the rain allowing the air to circulate around the car. Another benefit of a carport is if it is installed against your house so your front or back door is under the carport, you will not get wet in the rain when you leave and return home!



Sunsun damage to car paintwork

As much as we love to see the sun in the UK, the Sun does have its disadvantages too. The Sun can fade the paintwork on your vehicle  particularly if it is a strong colour such as red. Our carports protect against UV rays and therefore minimises the risk of your paint fading.




Bird depositsBird deposits damage car

Researchers studied the process to find out how paint damage in caused when a bird deposits its mess all over your pride and joy. Here is what they found. When the sun is beating down or in hot conditions the paint lacquer warms, softens and expands. Whilst this is happening the droppings heat up and essentially bake onto the surface. When the sun goes in and the temperature then drops the car cools and contracts, moulding to the uneven surface of the hardened dropping. Unfortunately for us the result is a dulled, textured paint surface leaving your perfect car with an imperfect appearance.



Car theftreduce car theft

Car theft rates in England and Wales rose by 56 per cent last year according to the latest data from Office of National Statistics (ONS). Some 89,000 vehicles were stolen in 2017, up from 56,000 the previous year, and the worst year on record since 2012. Our range of Garages can secure your car from theft, reducing your insurance costs and giving you peace of mind your car is safe. Also studies show attaching PIR Lighting or a CCTV system to  carports deter car theft.







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